Friday 13 July 2012

wooden blocks part 2

I finished one block today, I can't wait to try it.
After last time, I let the block soak in linseed oil overnight, and this morning I fitted the sheave and peened over the sheave pin which snugged up the coin washers nice and tight.

I'm thinking of a few different types of rope for the strop. I got a small piece if sisal because it looks very traditional more than anything else, and it looked like an easier rope to splice than anything else that was half decent at the shop.
For my first go at splicing it wasn't as terrible as I feared. I made a loop to what I felt would be right, sliced it together, whipped the ends of the splice and stretched it a bit. I did the seizing for around the thimble first, then put the thimble in, and bound it all tightly.

 I'll try it out a bit first
before i use it on the
boat. It seems really firm and solid, but I guess the sisal will stretch to some extent. I'm wondering if soaking it in water or varnish will swell the fibres and make it a bit tighter and stronger.

If the sisal doesn't work out, it is only a matter of making another strop, so that is not a big worry.

The whole thing cost a total of around $6.50

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