Wednesday 3 April 2013

Deck framing

Finally I've made a start on the deck frames.
The first part done was the sides of the cockpit. I had some kahikatea, the same that I used for the gunwales, left over, so the first job what to bend it around to find the right curve. I took measurements off the plan of Rona for the width of the side decks and just made a fair curve that was as close as possible to those measurements.

Once I had the line where I wanted it, I marked out the areas to cut out on the transom, aft beam and forward beam. The Spanish windlass held the curve while the glue dried, but once everything had hardened, the compression between the ends held the curve without any springback.

The next stage it to make the supports for the side decks. I got some old kauri form a house recycling place  called Musgroves in Christchurch. They've got lots of old wood and I found a nice wide board I could use. It was covered with paint and wallpaper, but after i got that off I found it was a very nice piece of wood.
So scribing around the planks, I made a cardboard template and then cut it out of the board. The first frame is on and only 5 to go. I glued and screwed it through the original holes with brass screws. I scraped the paint off where I would glue first of course

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