Saturday 14 September 2013

Framing continued

I haven't been able to do much recently, Winter is always a bit flat out with work, but towards the summer I should have a bit more time. I have made a little more progress with the deck framing though.

I have also started planning on the fittings and things.As i have almost nothing, i will probably get most things made up. I am designing a triangulated frame to take the stress of the mast step and chainplates a bit and hopefully spare the garboards around the mast step from any unnecessary stress.


  1. Hey Dan,
    Great job and this year we launched her and she sailed beautifully - please get in touch and i'll send you some shots.

  2. Hi. I am starting an xclass restoration. Do you still have this one? Mine came with no deck, so would be great to get some measurements. Thanks jonny 02108386707